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By: Dee Z.

Black like a smooth rock in the sun
Yellow like a goldfinch and wriggling side to side right in front of the man’s footstep
The skinny snake side-winded across the stone and into a hole, a garden drain pipe
The fright, excitement, and image of this encounter stuck in the man’s mind
What kind of sign was this?
It was his first meeting with a live snake
He was searching for a house to buy with his wife and family and this was the first house they looked at
The snake crossed him before he could even enter the threshold
His wife was about to have their second child, a baby girl, and he desperately needed out of his daily grind job
He decided this snake didn’t scare him or stop him from moving forward
Actually he crossed it and entered optimistically
The quick, shiny snake was a symbol of something and he discovered it must represent change
Things are going to be different and there is no way to go back in time to the old days
He was excited for the future, imagining what his daughter might look and act like, even what food she might prefer
His young son was a small but vibrant force who came into the world with song and has been dancing ever since
The man decided to make a change for the good
The house hunt was on, the job hunt was on, the one constant was the deep love he had for his family
And then there’s that damn snake that made him stop in his tracks and think about all this!

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