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By: Raj Ratanmala

I got awaken by the mellifluous twitter,
of a bunch of nightingales;
Perceived myself in a peculiar world ,
Trees with golden leaves , rivers of pearls,
That amiable silence unheard ,
Like the sleeping Matterhorn left undisturbed.

“Where am I?” , I queried to the wind,
“Isn’t this Heaven? This beauty is so unconfined…”
“Hailing thee to the world unseen.”
An angelic voice , fading in the wind so clean.

“The world unseen?” questioned I and turned ,
Encountered a beauty , my eyes wide and stunned
Eyes of crystal ,skin of milk,
Alluring lips , an angelic beauty dressed in while silk.

“Yes, the world unseen.”, said she and smiled
And I stared at her beauty with my curious eyes…
She held my dirty hands and said ,
“Will take thou beyond the skies.”

“Don’t go with her!”, cried someone with a sigh,
The silence broke disagreeably ,
“Hold me tight”, said she ,”We’ll soon be alright” ,
I got my cautiousness back between the painful cries.

Her crystal eyes now showed agony
That sweet laughter now turned so maniacal ,
Darkness spread ; she was sharpening my death in her hands ,her eyes so keen,
Whispered in my ears, “Darling , this is the world you left unseen.”
She moved her hands to my face and I scream’d
I closed my eyes and found myself lying on the ground
A splash of gore on my face I found…
‘Who saved my life?’ thought I and looked around.

“Trust comes with no beautiful smile.”

Said the beauty who saved my life
Her divine hands stroked my tears and closed my eyes .

I woke up again with the sound of my alarm clock ,
Found myself in my comfort pillows made me desperately calm ;
Destiny remains undefined, I don’t know my reach,
A dream taught me such a reality that books could never teach…

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