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2021 Dawns 21 Haiku
Dear Republicans, What Is Wrong with You?
The Revolution Next Time
Zombie Ideas Do Not Die
There Is A Great Sense of Unrest


Dawns 21 Haiku

Politics are still uncertain.
thousands still are dying.

The New president offers.
Hope new beginning.

The Madness never ends it seems.
Consuming us all

The hope springs enterally
We will overcome.

35,000 lies.
Fading like ghosts

Politicians still lying.
Thousands still dying.

Corona virus spreading
More corona ghosts.

There is New hope in the air.
Will politics kill it?
The news stills scream death and despair.
I turn it all off

As I wake up at dawn
I see my sleeping wife.

We wait for the coming fires.
End of the world fears

Q continues to spread hate.
Millions still follow him.

Will optimism and love?
Overcome the hate.

Many questions still remaining.
I have no answers.

With hope I leap out of my bed
Watching TV kills hope

Will this be the end of my days?
Will I overcome it?

2020 hangover
Like a dark nightmare

Politicians still refusing.
To do anything

The rich are still getting richer.
The poor remain poor.

We hope the past will fade away.
Into dark memories

I wake up hoping for best.
Dreading worst to come

I am still alive thank god.
Filled with loved for wife.


Dear Republicans, what is wrong with you?

Dear Republicans
What is wrong with you?
The former president
Incited a riot.

Stormed the house.
Would have killed you.
If they could have

And you still defend.
The former president
Refusing to hold him to account?

Do you really want him?
Running around starting the patriot party
Launching a jihad against you?

When you can remove him
From the game
And send him home.
For good

What the hell is wrong with you
Just do your job

Put a stake.
Through that vampire’s heart
Kill Trumpism.
Before it kills you


The Revolution Next Time

A revolution is brewing.
On the right
And on the left

As madness descends on the land
Incited by rightwing political leaders.

Inciting riots and rebellion
Demanding action
Against their enemies

While on the left
Revolution is brewing as well.

Soon will they unite?
To march down
Tearing down democracy

As our leaders
Play games.
As the world descends
Into chaos

And the US becomes
Another failed state

Until a proverbial man
On a white horse
Rides into save us.
From ourselves?

The revolution next time
Will not be pretty.
As everything burns
And America dies


Zombie Ideas Do Not Die

Zombie Ideas
Do not die.
They linger on
In our collective minds
Infecting our politics

Among my favorites
Are the canard.
That tax cuts will solve all problems.
That deregulation will free up business.
That the free market will solve our problems

That the government is the problem
And we must starve the government.
Of funds
So, it can do no more harm.
To our great country

These and other pernicious
Fact free alternative facts
Are spread far and wide.
Across the right-wing media sphere

Infecting our politicians
Leading them to playing games
Instead of coming together.
To solve our collective problems

And now the Republicans are saying.
In the midst of the worst epidemic in history
With the US economy slipping into great depression era
The US cannot afford to spend any more money.
On combatting the pandemic
That the Federal government has done enough
It is up to the states to solve their problem.

Because of deficit spending
Which they did not care about
Before the change in command

Now the federal government is broke.
But we cannot ask the billionaire class.
To pay a dime more in taxes
In fact, we need to cut taxes more.

So, we go.
These zombie ideas
Mutating and spreading
Infecting our politics
With madness

Making it impossible to govern
As things fall apart

Let us put a Death.
to zombie ideas
Put a stake through them.
Opening up the truth

Coming together
To do the people’s business
That is what we must all do.


There is a great sense of unrest.

There is a great sense.
Of unrest in the land today
Madness in the air

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