‘Back Alley’ and other poems by Roger G. Singer

By: Dr. Roger G. Singer


a single line
of open space,
a passage
between aging
brick walls
shadowed with
moments of sun,
where lies
and promises
pause randomly,
standing unsteady
in conversation,
whispering like
discussing secrets
until choosing
separate paths
to unknowns



he sits,
sipping his tea
on a porch
before meadows
and mountains
familiar to his
voice and supplications,
under stars
and bright sun,
considering dreams,
some real
some reminders
of a good life
with songs
brightly sung
and poetry,
the puzzle
of words,
that some
plainly grasp,
but for a few,
the message
remains deep
between the lines,
speaking to those
who know his voice



midnight voices,
sugar words,
dollars and coins
and a soft guitar
filed with
wishes and lies
drifts among
light breezes
lifting spirits
under low lights
where cold beer
and french fries
feed hungry souls

Categories: Poetry

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