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‘Bureau of yokels’ and other poems

By: Stefan Splawinski

Bureau of yokels

subjected to much ridicule
perennial objects of fun
givers of the worlds bread
just as essential as the sun

so beware of good shepherds
who herd man not the beast
those who promise abundance
yet never provide the feast

the humble swinkler’s your man
he is wealth not wanton need
creator of life’s essentials
universal and of every creed



who is the judge of us all
final assessor for humanity
great force beyond the world
check on our earthly vanity

you gave us bread and water
our devotion will not falter
provided all with conscience
we serve at your holy altar

we are the future of mankind
your world we shall inherit
save us only from ourselves
reward those who have merit

measurements by man himself
pure creations of his mind
expressed to mirror hope
wealth and explanation find

cosmic voyagers can pretend
that all known is revealed
universe and stars beyond
destiny of man now sealed

survivors of the fall of man
will be few and far between
uncircumcised and thankful
saved by forces quite unseen

logic and deduction will fail
to pronounce the chosen band
the spiritual and the humble
saved only by a divine hand

the exalted and illustrious
will fail to see the reason
that schemes of man dwindled
beneath such a holy season

destiny subject to gods will
fate determined by his love
mistakes made in this world
rectified in heaven above

as the last judgement sounds
we shall come to comprehend
the follies made by mankind
so may this world never end



new holocaust of sublime values
new dawn of the incredibly unreal
bound by global enlightened treaty
expressions of a missionary zeal

enablers have manufacture replaced
no more beggars or welfare stamps
why should people have to labour
in our city of disability ramps

planned harmony for modern times
all items of worth should be sold
concerned for a shrinking planet
the epoch of leisure will unfold

when economics reduces all values
earnings replaced by a social wage
when humankinds lot should improve
in a data and service sector age

much community prosperity for all
drudgery gives way to new employ
made by technological white heat
paradise of social justice and joy

in our new philosophical jerusalem
follow not those wizened old sages
the remnants of unenlightened times
they are the stuff of bygone ages

slaves to the ideology of matter
empty values masked by treasure
subservient to a rational market
current lifestyle made to measure

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