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Poems: ‘Broken Podiums’ and ‘Rainy Eyes and Sunny Colored Pencils’

By: Angela Moore

Broken Podiums

Anxiety glides over frost bitten emotions.
Skimming her internal rink caked with cracks.
Scraping to and from with cruel indifference.
And synchronized with melodic cries of defeat.
A truly haunting performance starring….
A shattered skater.
Desperately eyeing fool’s gold on broken podiums.


Rainy Eyes and Sunny Colored Pencils

An icy storm rages in my mind.
With foggy thoughts and rainy eyes.
I just need to find those sunny colored pencils.
Brightening my day with their brilliant hues.
Luminescent little umbrellas that ease my rain.
Quietly and beautifully….
Calming the storm within.


Angela Moore currently works at Yale University in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. She enjoys writing poetry, illustrating comics, and relaxing with adult coloring books.

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