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‘I Missed The Snow’ and other poems

By: K. A. Williams

I Missed the Snow

Most winters there is enough snowfall
for sledding and building snowmen.
And the glistening snow is so bright
under the nighttime orange sky, you can
see everything outside like it is daylight.
This past winter, there was only rain.
I missed watching the snowflakes fall.


Can I Have Your Attention

I sent him to the store
for a loaf of bread,
and my husband returned
with a spool of thread.

When I asked him to
take out the trash,
my husband cleaned up
the fireplace ash.

Was it hearing loss
or just distraction?
I planned a test
to check his reaction.

That night in bed,
I said really low,
“I’ve been sleeping
with your brother Joe.”

The lamp by the bed
turned on lightning quick,
and my husband’s face
looked rather sick.

“Did you say you’ve
been sleeping with Joe?”
“No I asked when you
were going to mow.”


Having Trouble Sleeping

Having trouble sleeping?
Oh, no!
Maybe it was that
spicy burrito.

Or the new pillow
swallowing your head,
and those satin sheets
escaping the bed.

Shouldn’t have drank coffee
during the late news,
while wallowing in
your breakup blues.

Try not to think
about all that,
and get your old pillow
back from the cat.

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