By: Mohammad Jashim Uddin

He confesses at the midnight
When the earth sleeps to reduce burden of pains,
But satan walks door to door to hinder.

Satanic verses engulf him
Due to emotion in pain with short temper.
Hells laugh at as rage is suppressed,
And emotion won unsuccessfully.

He may be healed forever,
But prayer of a righteous person
Powerful and effective for survival?

If he confesses from core heart,
You can believe him with your heart
He will be saved and can change the world.

When he becomes aware
That he is guilty in any of these matters,
He must confess in what way
He has sinned.

He remorses, and is burnt for foolishness,
And feels emptiness and borderless line
But confesses every moment for the deeds.

‘He who conceals his sins
Does not prosper,
But whoever confesses and
Renounces them finds mercy.’


The poet is assistant professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh.

Categories: Poetry

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