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By: Andrea Myinga

One day, we shall all die but that
Will be the end for some and for
Others the beginning of restful rets

This world is too big to be understood
Within short length of lifetime, with
Chains of surprises around our necks

Many journeys we have started
Focused but that hasn’t been a guarantee
To see the glory of our dreams

Bleedings from broken friendships
Has given us strength to wipe sweats
Of standing with two legs

Do not wait until it is too late
To decide to be your true self, never
Made loneliness an option to trust

When we shall die there will be no more
Hurts from those who see denying us
Publicly, as the happiest way out

Those ties of being born together,
From the same womb, has not been
Enough to make us feel good for each
Other, to look after one another

It is high time to name it among
The wonders of humanity, people aren’t
Seeing each other under the broad daylight

But seem to care when one is breathless
Nothing can brighten that face in a casket
To look like a sunflower, open and beauty

Anyone who wants to feel the warmth
Of the earth, has to have an open heart
For people to come and go freely

And when time come, we also shall go
But let it be in piece, for the sake of
That R.I.P scribed on top of the tomb.

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