Tandav (Cosmic Dance)

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey

The rhythm woven in swift steps
cascading light dispelling fear,
evanescing darkness.
The howl of storms spelling
mystic hiatus between creation
and destruction in feast of fury.
Cosmic energy unleased in torrents,
breaks the silence of thunder
filling the sky with strings of light
beneath the embers of stars.
As if all forces of nature conspire
to celebrate the spirit of divinity.
Sounds, lights sparkle the cosmic
theatre in his majestic loop.
From every flip, every step
flows the music of nature’s harmony.
Swirling around, trident in hands
Dishevelled matted hair, flashes in eyes,
He flings in gyre, leaps, posing Natraj.
Rhythm of life, silence of death
swing around his feet,
Spinning world as the magic sinks.
He creates an aura of beauty and truth
of eternity ,arts and aesthetic bliss.
He holds the threads of puppets
cast in rhythmic spectacles,
life’s performing theatre.
A cosmic image evolves
sculpted on the walls of time
invoking the demon muse to create,
to perform the eternal dance,
the music of soul on the timeless
walls of the universe.

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