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By: #madmusings

The young couple on honeymoon
Smooching, petting walked into the lobby
The receptionist flashed a smile soon
Handed them the keys of the room,
She was beautiful, fair, and chubby!

As they proceeded to the hallway
The newlywed couple laughed away
The receptionist’s eyes never left them
Her glance followed wherever they went!
But true to her profession,
All amenities she got them sent!

The young couple oblivious of things
Entered their room, what bliss it seemed!
The plush bed and the romantic decor
Such amorous vibes floated indoors!
The young bride giggled and beamed!

In the evening when they sat to dine
Through the frosted glass door fine
The man could see the receptionist ogle
Didn’t her shift change or maybe she is local!

Doused in passion the two lovebirds
Chatted and laughed as they ate
The receptionist appeared to eavesdrop
Every word, though it was doubtful
If she heard them at any rate!
A disquiet crept within and spread

Inside the room, amatory night
The honeymoon couple entwined
Brushing fingers, smelling skin
Some uncanny phenomena begin!
The scared wife held the husband tight
Something just didn’t seem right!

Some critters sounded wild
A fleeting shadow, a moan mild!
The exuberant wife, now petrified
Wouldn’t leave her husband’s side!
There outside the waves roared
Their hotel was close to the shore!

A tap on the windowpane
Who was it? There wasn’t any rain!
The man got up to have a look
The poor wife with fright shook!
Once the blind he removed
He froze, he couldn’t move!

The receptionist stood there
Her face streaked with red tears!
Her eyes were hollow, her face fearfully fair
Her hair dishevelled as if she didn’t care!
She yelled for help but she appeared strange
He was doubtful, was she deranged?

As he soon as stepped out of the room
She pulled him into her cold bosom
Icy yet raw, she smelled of death
Obnoxious her very breath!
He struggled hard to free himself
Inside, his helpless wife, whelped!

She reached for the phone
But it lay dead, she did not know
Where to ask for help.
Frantic, desperate yet did not give up
She chanted the mantra, her granny’s stuff.
Yelling and growling the maiden left
Her husband fell on the floor, vigour bereft!
In the morning they sat watching the sunrise
The beach air soothing, tinged with briny surprise!
Both did not speak about the night.
As they entered the lobby the same woman in sight!
Were they dreaming or is the hotel spooky?
The receptionist beamed a smile handing over the key.
“My colleague said you weren’t here last night,
Did you visit all the tourist sites?
Just that do step out in the dark.
Those palm trees, please avoid the park!”

“Oh, ya, we did see and roam.
We saw a grave couldn’t read the gravestone!”

“If I were here, I would have told you not to go.
My shift was over hence couldn’t tell you so!”



  1. this held me tight…seriously engrossing. I swear I read it again. what next? I am wishing the narration continued :).

  2. Beautifully written…. Felt like as though I was watching a horror movie.. Absolutely gripping and captivating.

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