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By: Seneca Schwarz

A proud voice slithers its way through her otherwise crowded orifice.
“Your maze of tubes won’t hinder me from getting out and consuming her.”
It said, “I’m almost finished here, but my appetite is insatiable…and you look delightful.”

“On three…one…two…three! Push! Again! Okay, she’s on her stomach.”
What is the point? It is just taking its time chewing before it swallows her whole.
More like unhinging its jaw slowly to fit her all in one gulp. I did say it slithers…

“Yes, Miss Lasiter, yes she is maxed out on the vent settings and is chemically sedated and paralyzed.”
“I am not a doctor so I am not able to say…but statistically…her chances are unfavorable.”
Does she not understand that her 57th birthday will be spent in eternity?

A forefinger and thumb rhythmically clutch the golden lilly necklace around my neck.
A reminder of before.

It slithers, it swallows whole.
Did I tell you it constricts?
Tighter and tighter it grips, but loosens briefly leaving its prey hopeful for an escape.
Not unscathed, but an escape nonetheless…

What a lie.

The final attribute.
By time it’s recognized it’s too late.

“Yes, Miss Lasiter, we did all we could…I’m sorry…”

It slithers, it swallows whole, it constricts, it lies.

“How did today go? You look tired.”
“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just been a long day.”

Now, I lie.

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