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By: Enrico Barigazzi.

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The last time i’ve seen you

The fall has come bearing down on my shoulders
the forgotten regrets concealed into a casket full of summer sand
and your eyes have been twinkling inside my memories
as stars in a dark sky

we are lonely souls stranded on a deep dark universe
we’re floating around our troubles without paying heed
to our feelings

the last time we hugged eachother it was the time
i looked at your gaze quivering
while i was thinking of the lost grip
of your vanishing hands.



The sea was calm
the soothed tide had nothing to say
nothing to order the waves to
they were out of their wrath
and were playing with the white sand
touching it slightly

the horizon was peacefully painted
with the blue sky where clouds had been drawn
by an unknown watercolour brush
palm trees reverberated the sound of the wind
through their leaves…it was a dream
just a dream lost into the groggy winter fog
of my sleepy mind.


By the river

Seeing the water flows
watching the life’s going on
over the banks where the blackbirds
have been announcing winter’s coming
chirping on the top of the trees
before they stop singing

water’s keep on flowing and all evil will be dragged away
and its nefarious influence will be scattered through
the endless emptiness where it hailed from.


Fireflies in the dark

Out of box thoughts are lighting up
the dark room where the truth had been kept hidden
by the fake idols ruling this poor world
wisdom is a thin flame in the middle of the darkest night
it would be enough to follow it
instead of surfing the surface of the common sea
it had better plunge ourselves into the deep water
of our spiritual quest to free the poetical glint inside
the core of our culture.

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