‘First Breath’ and other poems

By: Roger G. Singer

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com


it was a place
long past the road
of shredded ribbons
and baskets of tears

it was an opening
with a first breath
under a night sky
with a sudden
sliver of moon
exposing reckless
where no one
judged saints
or sinners

since today
starts again



she was a bird
dancing in contact
with natural lines
of sky blue
without end,
lifting her arms
like that of
an angel
as fluid moved
and escaped
from beneath her,
subtracting the
additions of light
passing through
weighted air,
dividing the lines
of layered space,
forcing a prayer
to the surface
as the rain
walks her
to an end table
painted red
where she reconnects
with the first drip
of her next



out the pain,
speaking into
the wind
at the high tide
of being alone
under a drizzle
of desperation

unbalanced air
trenched in cold
free falls
between seasons
with pointed winds
and cloud puzzles

higher than we are
beyond dreams
and the remembers,
is the song of a
hidden moon

Categories: Poetry

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