Footprints on Water

By: Jessabele Gorozon Bentazal

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Covering is darkness,
Then here comes the greatest artist.
Well done, the ambience has transformed,
From chaos comes peace.
Then, from among the ashes,
A masterpiece was born.


A Sacrifice

Punished but innocent,
Nailed without a sin,
Alone, he welcomes death
To give life to my soul.


The Voice In the Light

Everything was hooked and weird
Until a bright light shines upon his cage.
A voice laments
And he vows to be wiser,
To change for the better,
To value and do the right things,
To think about each action,
To conform not to the world’s possession,
To win against the enemy,
To live truly.


A New World

If I can build a new world
I will build a smaller one
No longer on the shaking ground
I will build a smaller world
Worthy enough to keep my people
Close to my wall
Close to my call
Close to my heart
Far from the dark
I will build a smaller world
Better enough to be called home


Live like a tree

Live like a tree
That has the courage to hold its roots
So you will not be pulled out
Even when you stumbles,
Even when the enemies are on your foot.
Live like a tree
That will sprout again
After losing branches of hope
Caused by life’s raging storm.
Live like a tree
That only trusts the shower of care,
The flame of love from the sky
So you will outgrow and survive
So you will not stay destructed and broken.
And a tree, with whom they can play wrong
But a tree
That has the ability to remain strong.

Categories: Poetry

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