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‘Gratuitous Living’ and other poems

By: Ken W. Simpson

Gratuitous Living

The well of loneliness is dry and empty
a sad, inhospitable place
without love or the affection of a canary
fertilised by human’s folly
and the febrile and fractious friendships
fermenting as happiness
socially addictive but good for business
in an artificial democracy
for the cast in myths and human foibles.


Poltergeists and Politicians

Appearances deviate and manipulate reason
like a chameleon doing a strip-tease
for a flock of bleating sheep at a rock concert
or slapstick comedy and magic tricks
in a theatre of the absurd where actors mime
to a gallery of bloodsucking leeches
living off the despair and aspirations of others.


Miss Anthropy

Crowded hours devour each day
as shadows fall
drowning sounds scream in pain
seagulls simper
and loathing smirks sarcastically.


Ken is an Australian poet and essayist – educated at Scotch College (Melbourne) and SwinburbeArt School – taught art – began writing short stories – switched to writing free verse poetry and essays – with a poetry collection – Patterns of Perception – published by Augur Press (UK) in January 2015. 

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