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By: Rakibul Hassan
Translated by: Mohammad Jashim Uddin

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Thinking to return—My Western wind
Intoxicated kiss
Wildly uncontrollable youth
Will return with everything
My sunshine hasn’t become mine
Seeing frightened of my hellish fire
Angel of paradise returns to Paradise
My extreme formidable reddish extended hood of surges
Urban-lady is in edges after edges
I will backtrack
Making immatured grasses of winter
I will do it as wild petal
Like corpse in white coffin
I will be covered with poems
Wearing red shari after morning bath
You are the only fascinated frame.


Rakibul Hassan is a promising poet of 1990s. He has published more than twenty books of poetry and has written seven novels. Moreover, he is an editor and literary critic. He has been awarded Writers’ Club Shahitto Puraskara, Lalon Shai Puraskara, Sir Salimullah Padak, Shahitto Shanshad Padak, and many other. ‘Thinking to return’ is taken from his Joler Gopon Golpo published in February 2022.

(The translator is an assistant professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh.)

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