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By: Tom Ball

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No one thought much about Tom in his youth. He was an ordinary boy. But when he grew up, he changed into a man who had ideas for the future. For example, he said, “Women should rule as they are kinder than men, generally speaking.” And he said, “All leaders should be subject to Mind Reading Technology (MRT) to vet them and make sure their heart was in the right place and the spies were to use MRT to suss out evil and negative personae.” And “All people should vote on what types of Supercomputer, were to be created. And vote on what types of androids and holograms would be allowed. Humans must always be in full control of all settlements. Also, he demanded, “That everyone had to find soul mates; at least one per year.” In addition, he said, “Everyone should have an open-mind or else get brain therapy to open their minds for them.” And “The State should only give eternal youth to those that really deserved it, through kind and clever acts.” And he had many other ideas. But his most important ideas just mentioned formed the basis for the future, and many people thought Tom had saved the World. He claimed, “To have avoided possible friction and wars in the future by controlling who became leaders. So, instead of a nightmare cyber future, it was a future for humans only. All thinkers had to be human.

And Tom wrote books about far future life and his books were considered seminal reading. He wrote about eternal youth and Paradise on Earth and in Space and Utopias where humans created stunning, glittering cities and lived in peace. Everywhere was de-weaponized except for the UW (United Worlds). The UW had many checks and balances on it and would put down any revolt.


Tom Ball has published novels, novellas, short stories and flash in “Green Wall,” “Down in the Dirt magazine,” “,” “Exterminating“ “Conceit Magazine and its imprints” “Gargoyle Magazine,” “,” “PBW magazine,” “Fleas on the Dog Online,” “Sparrow’s Trumpet,” “TRSFR/ Sip Cup,” “Poetry Pacific,” “Planisphere Quarterly,” “The Local Train Magazine,” “Fresh Words Magazine,” “Alternate Route,” “Lone Star Magazine,” “” and others.

Tom is currently a senior editor at “FLEAS ON THE DOG” (


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