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‘How I Will Visit My Ancestors’ and other poems

By: Mubarak Said

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How I Will Visit My Ancestors

a day will come,
i may be seen
on the mountain tops,
like a hungry lion
athirst for food.
i will be there, not to hunt a game,
but to see the thatched houses,
down the hill.
remember, if you see me
at the river bank, standing,
like a drawn shark,
note, i will go there to
see the dancing faeries,
wearing a milky shrouds,
like a banal egret in a nest
after a heavy rainfall.
there’ll come a day;
i may wear, worn-out gowns
& bare footed to ferret
the path to my ancestor’s home.



even the carved statue,
will someday move
like a new born baby,
parading inside the linen cloth,
crying to be breast fed from the mother’s cave.

even the galvanized
epic with metaphors,
should dance to the tone of
words in a rhyming poem,
like the pot lips to the taste of a pleasant aroma.

there will come a day,
chirruping birds,
will take a shape of a
sleeping lion, to
conquer his domain,

“& I marveled, when
a Heavensent souls, take
the shapes of an angel,
to shower rivalry
& to be reborn in every emergence of dawn”.


Mubarak Said is a Nigerian poet,essayist and short story writer from the great city of Gombe. His works have appeared in different national and international magazines as world voices magazine, Susa Africa, beatnikcowboy, the pinecone review and many others.

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