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‘History of a night’ and other poems

By: Emmanuel G G Yamba

History of a night

maybe this is why the scripture says
weeping may endure at night
because the sun smile
is engulf within the cloud
& the moon looses it’s taste
on the lip of the sky all through the night

before your eyes grow weary
let me heave my country’s name in this
& evoke the spirit of April 12, 1980
a harsh night when our head drowned
in a pool of blood
with the earth opening wide her mouth

from this night, we started
running here and there
lives too were badly treated
like a peanut dirt
dogs barked trembling on their limbs
& goats bleats shivering as humans
turned green fields to battlefields


I Must Prevail

“nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us”
Romans 8:37

Life surface like a battle
I’m in a ring against evil
But my fist refuse to fix
Twist and turn
Are arrows from all angle
Trying to pierce my soul

My mind is a war room
The devil creeps in like a virus
Wants to make me captive to iniquity
Being in a jumble
The fear of failure grew mature
And it gave birth to self critic

Here and there
Attack swing me to and fro
Than my face was pull up
To the rock higher than I
And heard a smooth voice says
I’m more than a conqueror

Then he trains my hands for war
And my legs to run through a troop
When foes rain like flood
His spirit will raise up a standard
I must prevail in every warfare
Because greater is he in me


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