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The Long Walk into the Oomph of Nature

By: Akintoye Akinsola

Photo by Matthew Montrone on

The mesmeric colour of nature woke me up in the wee hours of morning
Sniffing its sweet odour
I hold its face in delight
This magical feeling is that of ecstasy
As I lean on nature, its eloquent charm arrests my ardour
Assuring me of my safety in it

The whiff flying in style
Water gushing forth from rocks
The clouds embracing me
Sunlight deepening its language of love on my back
While whistles from the trees blends with nature like corals

I see flowers combine with crust to give a most dashing pattern
The fields rejoicing at my coming
As I enjoy nature at its best
And as the sun sets, the night came with its alluring scent

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