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By Aishwariya Laxmi

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I thought I’d loved you forever
But I realize it was never meant to be
‘Coz you gave me sleepless nights
And acted in a way that hurt me
If you had meant well
You wouldn’t have acted so selfishly
Left me hanging
And continued to lead me on
For so long
I do take responsibility
For acting foolishly
And sharing my thoughts
With you indiscriminately
Now I’m working on my boundaries
So that such things
Do not happen again
I see the point that my well-wishers
Have been trying to make for so long
But I must remember that I did no “wrong”
And not be too hard on myself
‘Coz it’s just the folly
Of someone who was lonely
And another who was flattered, maybe.
It’s not a meeting of the minds or souls
It’s just a one-way ticket to misery.


Aishwariya Laxmi is a writer, editor, blogger, and poet living in suburban Chennai, India. Her poems appear in, The Drabble, anthologies by Sweetycat Press, Writefluence, Soul Poet Society, ThirdEyeButterflyPress, Indie Blu(e) Publishing, etc. She was among the top three winners of High 5 – The great poetry hunt contest. Her bio was chosen to be included in the “Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2021′ by Sweetycat Press.

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