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By: Sweetest Summer

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a big fat yes to everything
a jolly yes to all of it
wide open arms
at the ready to embrace you all
every problem
every irritation
everything that should be different
blessing them one by one by one
as they march through the inner caves of sorrow and desire
as they pass through the tumbling tinges of the fire
your hand clasped right in mine upon the pyre


deferred dreams

a dream will burn
a hole in your pocket

a dream will shred
you to ashes

until your mind is left a pile of rubble
that siren call, still blasting

heed the call
heed the call
heed the call

the call of your own sweet heart
ready to bloom
into a wondrous lush forest of shining jeweled blossoms


buried by your side

in the fullness of time
i’ll be buried by your side
for now
while i dip into biscuits from the tin
i want to be alive

i want to melt into the exquisite richness of harsh lights and musty blossoms on a velvet tarp
i want to breathe you in and breathe in the lush catastrophe and meet you all halfway
i want to drink you up and tilt down the dredges of the whiskey in your mouth
dancing to the old kind of some Journey

let me be.
let me fall into you.

don’t stop me with your sober practicalities and your fear of letting go and all your
mature abandonment issues xoxoxoxo

let me be.
let me fall into you.

let me melt into you and breathe into you and drink you up and call you mine
oh that smile, oh that poetical desire!
let me fall in love with love and let me worship you on that illusory pedestal
let me be that fool
for now.

so one day, i can consent, to the earth drawing us in while we split a rose, rest our eyes, with one last kiss in the silver sunshine, winged and curving, leaning toward the pyre.



exotic erotic dancing shadows
play on my wall
as i sit and ponder
what to eat for lunch.


open wide


then a thousand doors flung open
in an instant
one after the other
cascading like a line of dominoes

the trumpets blared
the birds squawked
grandmas shook the bangles on their wrists
and we pushed you to the hallway where you toed one doorway tentatively

it’s all wide open now
bubbling opportunities left and right up and down side to side
everything blasted right open with freedom and hotdog relish
tinged with the sweetness of love
crusted with the sparks of desire

step right up to the avalanche
it’s all for you
it’s all for me
it’s for every last animalia and blue-green algae and AIs too–

a wide-eyed world
skins of doorways and sons of gold
glitter and sweet shadows carving a softness in the Old Tree



i take another photo with my eyes
ready to file another memory
to call upon another time
for another delight

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