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By: Josephine Rudolf

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“Why did you come?”, the demon asked with a sultry voice. “I, I” she stuttered. Her vision began to blur, as he stepped closer. “Ok, easier question what’s this?” he questioned, pointing to her right hand. “I… Iced c-c-c-coffee” she replied, almost mumbling. The handsome devil grabbed the cup out of her hand in one swift motion, before taking a sip. She still couldn’t fathom everything that was happening right now. “Mm, vanilla latte how precious” he mocked, before handing the drink back to her. She tasted a hint of sulfur on the straw, as she sucked on it. The demon leaned his body against a table before taking out a knife. “Now that we´ve become acquainted with each other, Why are you here?” he demanded. “And you better answer this time, else there are going to be consequences” he threatened, flashing his knife. “For the consequences” she responded softly, her voice lacking energy. She closed her eyes as she felt his knife at her throat, a tear escaped them as she braced for what was about to come. “Why are you crying, this is what you wanted isn’t it?” he asked in a mockingly sweet tone. “Yes, but I´m afraid. That’s why I came, I couldn’t bring myself to do it” she whispered. The demon felt used, which prompted him to draw this out. “Sell me your soul then darling”, he challenged. Her heart began beating fast and her stomach began twisting as if her body was trying to tell her no. He pressed her body closer to the wall behind her and whispered into her ear, “do it!”. She took a deep breath, trying to focus on her words. She looked deep into his obsidian eyes, “You can have it”. The demon inhaled the soul out of her body, he tasted the darkness and desperation. It made him pity her, he felt all the pain she´s been through, all the lonely nights. It made him reminisce about the time before he was a demon. He plunged the knife into her heart, and as black fluid began seeping out of the wound, she felt a rush of happiness coming over her. However, the sweet release she expected didn’t come. “You killed me, how am I not dead?” she queried. He chuckled before responding, “I didn’t kill you, I merely killed what was killing you”. “I, I feel so happy. It feels like the past disappeared. How could you do this?” she responded. “Perks of being a demon”, he winked. She smiled before heading toward the door. “Remember though, as soon as your lights go out permanently, we are going to have a slumber party in hell.” He declared. “I´ll make sure to bring an iced coffee”, she smirked.



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