Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Rita McDermott

Peering downward from the sky…
A painted picture of lush green trees Sprouting up from the ground
Like clumps of broccoli.

A green garden surrounding a still body of water Pools of diamonds sparkling on the surface Courtesy of the sun’s radiant rays.

Wooden structures jutting out from the shore Invading upon its space.

Hustle and Bustle…
Lake Worthy vessels lined up Launching for the day’s adventure.

Motorized boats propelled across the water Turbulent splashes and waves
Vinyl floats bobbing behind.

Arm and leg flailing bodies Screams and laughter Bounce thrills
Plunge into the cold water.

Daredevils skiing on the surface Jumping waves
Basking in glory
Erect on a trek around the lake.

A lone fisherman

Casting a line
Luring a gilled creature Lurking in the water’s depth.

Kayaks quietly paddling Along the shores.

The runway for our feathered friends Coming in for a landing
Webbed gear moving them across the water tarmac.

The orange globe in the sky descends. Stillness returns.

A summertime picture display. A lake dwellers’ love.


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