The Plight of the Giraffe

By: Jayashabari Shankar

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Spotted with yellow and brown
I roam the savannah till sundown,
I am a tough and strong creature,
But they admire only one feature-
My long sturdy neck.

They come in flocks to my home,
Hoping to see me roam,
“Ooh” and “aahs” I hear,
But they do not know my fear.

My long neck hurts my heart,
Enlarging arteries till they fall apart,
It beats like ay-ay-ay,
For the blood pressure is too high.
Muscle spasms and neck pain galore,
Stiffness and head-aches, what more?
I suffer in silence,
For they have no idea.

I know they admire me with good intent,
Visiting me is zoo money well spent,
But part of me aches,
For they ignore,
That for every beauty,
There is a sore sight to see. 

Categories: Poetry

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