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‘Rally Brothers’ and other poems

By: J. B. Fite


Rally, brothers, rally to me
While there is sufficient time.
In the morning’s soft light I see
The gate and our goal sublime.

Do not fear the final struggle
Nor think but our cause is true.
With brave hearts come join the battle
Regardless that we are few.

We can, we will, we must prevail
Over the unceasing foe.
We shall not, may not, cannot fail
The trust of all that we know.

Earthly life is but a moment
Given once then given back,
A gift returned in atonement,
For what graces we may lack.

Come then, come, you all, my brothers
To the call of destiny.
Chance earth bound life for another
And for all eternity.



Who is it I hear piping shrill and clear
Calling the world before her scrutiny
Sitting high in the sky above the weir
Singing sweetly to morning’s melody?
Come quick and see the heliotrope spear
Keen and intent, watchful, ready, deadly
Whistling and waiting for prey to appear
Regarding life in patient harmony.
A ripple, a swell and the great one dives
Swooping, turning to meet fate on the rise
Quicker than living the huntress seeks lives
A thrust, a flash and the lesser one dies
Beating and upwards with a catch she strives
Again, to her perch to feast on her prize.



In the quiet of the night,
Wrapped within my hearth’s warm light,
I let the trials of the day
Loose and bid them fall away.

No claim can they make on me;
The day was as it would be.
Worry does not reach me here
When Pasithea draws near.

Toil she lifts and bids be gone.
Tomorrow waits for the dawn.
She defends my heart and mind;
Hours pass and cares unbind.

Tonight, I rest as I please,
In quiet and divine ease
Until comes her consort Sleep
And with him night, dreaming deep.

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