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By: Vanaja Malathy

tired of drudgery and monotony
of work- life balance
i headed towards my mother’s house
for a change relaxation and diversion
a humble looking small house
with patches clear on its roof
paint peeling of its walls
a rickety gate creaked as i set foot
the old fashioned kitchen welcomed me
with a bare few necessary things
an unpolished slab for the platform
an old gas stove turned gray with a constant cleaning
a brass pot to hold water
dented steel tins, biscuit holders and other saved gadgets held groceries in a row
a minimalist was my mother

mother was overjoyed to see me
guessed how hungry and famished i was
she quickly cut vegetables with an old knife
that I would have discarded otherwise
could not miss the deftness of her hands
washing, cutting, seasoning and garnishing
in a wink of an eye
a smoothened stone grinder did a perfect job
a rickety stove, an old overused worn out pan
a vessel passed on through a generation
clattered to make the tastiest curry
no sophisticated gas stoves
grills and ovens
no high tech mixers
food processors
no air-fryers and
fridges to ease
a woman’s drudgery in this kitchen.

yet prepared a meal that was the quickest
from those iron, copper and brass vessels
a flavor from the long used vessels
is all so different
its a taste that is guaranteed
a simple curry made most
delicious by years of experience

It is love, an unconditional one
an adoration to the family
a commitment and responsibility
a mind that is no hurry
all that a golden heart requires
to work wonders and appease hunger
of her child
a sophisticated kitchen modern technology
of gadgets may add to the aesthetics
and ease a woman’s work
but sadly
cannot replace the warmth of a woman’s heart.


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