Literary Yard

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By Karen Lee Stradford

Picture This

A simple “Hello” can be spoken
as we pass each other.
I promise you.
I want nothing more.

A glance.
A nod.
A grin can make a difference
in our day.

Life is too short
to pretend we’re invisible.
Never know if we might
cross paths



It grabbed ahold of her breast
and would not let go.
A mark that looked
like a shadow,
hidden underneath
her tissue.

The doctors scraped
and prodded
looking for a second opinion,
determined the mystery
was real.

Her faith was tested,
but she never
gave up.

She discovered
although the left breast
was gone,
She was not defined by her loss
or scars,
only her courage.



I’m not afraid
to be different.
Individualism is the key
to happiness.
I never try to be anyone else
but me.

There’s no need to prove
and no rule
I must follow.
Let me live
my life peacefully.

of self-expression
is the most important
factor to have in life.
Stick to your own style.
Don’t judge mine.

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