Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By Karen Lee Stradford


It’s an intimate setting.
The tables are small and tall
in the cafe.
People clap
as I walk to the podium.

I wasn’t prepared to share
but got the nerve.
My notes are crumpled,
cell phone in hand.
The microphone is lowered.

I read four poems,
I could feel my confidence grow.
The more I spoke,
the more I found my voice.

The room got silent.
They held onto every word.
I felt their connection,
respond with


I try to resist
When we are close,
my anxiety rises,
palms sweat.
I begin to twirl my hair
and smile.

My emotions
are at it again.
So unpredictable,
they appear to spark at a
questionable time.

My mind is
on the defense,
but my heart is
telling me to-
give love a try.

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