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By: Manasi Maharana

Amidst the gloominess of night,
The moon instills tenderness
and aroma of love.

It radiates..
The love that’s serene,
The love that’s virtuous,
The love that’s delightful.
As the night deepens
The love inside intensifies.
It seeketh for warmth.
It urges comfort.
It strives for heavenly bliss.

The moon dazzles
Amidst million twinkling stars.
She persistently blazes
for the one
Who has captivated her heart.
She finds her love in..
The gentleness of his attitude,
The warmth of his heart,
The elegance of his smile,
The naughtiness of his eyes.

Mesmerized passionately she is..
With the love that he showers,
With the gestures he conveys,
With the belongingness he spreads,
With the bliss he bestows.
Love brings solace
to the moon
When surrounded with dark clouds.
Love soothes her
When the whole sky encompasses with thunder.
Love is what the moon seeketh
everytime it lightens itself
Or losses it beam.


  1. The moon & her love: Manasi explores what moon expects in love. The gentleness, elegance, warmth & naughtiness: are what the moon craves for. Manasi has expressed beautifully the type of love a woman appreciates. The oddities in moon’s life finds an analogy with a woman

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