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Poetry shots on the war in Ukraine

By: Anna Cates

Odesan outskirts
falling on disturbed soil
dry locust leaf
cold April
heavy on his shoulder
air bomb
partisans ford
the swollen river—
red horizon
giving sway to blue
night’s swathing peace
war orphans
what their eyes absorb
each snowflake
the forest’s depth
those who know the way
grow only more lost
one comrade winks
another weeps . . .
long winding road
his beaded brow
his broken lip—
abused detainee
exposed to heaven
roots of a capsized oak
koloradi* swarm

*a bug invasive in Ukraine and the nickname given to pro-Russian separatists.

Icarus Rising

behold his outstretched hand
the spill of white pills . . .

Yet another consequence of the Russia-Ukraine war:
an escalation of the illicit drug trade.

climbing Jacob’s Ladder
before the crash


Dr. Anna Cates is a poet, writer, and nature lover, who lives with her two beautiful kitties in a small town in Southwest Ohio and teaches writing, literature, and education online.  She is founder/editor-in-chief of Pages Literary Journal.


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