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By: K Vanaja Malathy

My grandson with his self assembled and engineered drone,
one noon, led me into the openness of a field.
The drone is his self-built toy,
Rubbing his sagacious nose, my little fellow explained the navigational
flight control techniques of his fascinating model
and its stunning aerial acrobatics.
Life is a joyful and an adventurous feat for him
and the technology driven drone is his latest craze.
We both trailed behind the supermodel
but soon found it humanly impossible
tracing its flight.
drowned in the wonderment of the hi-tech innovations of the modern day
I sat by the pond nearby
further discussing about this huge aerodynamic and
engineering challenge
which can scan 3 D maps through its incredible vision.
The world of robotics left me awestruck,
the whole act brought an unknown excitement to my heart.

A cloud of insects presently floated above the pond
It was mesmerizing to watch
the scaly figures soon emerged out of the surface
into dragonflies flying in triangular formations.
Were they listening to our fascinating conversation so far? I wondered
With a high pitched sound of their wings as their music
with striking colors of metallic jeweled wings, with chic elegance
they looked drop- dead gorgeous.
The awesome flyers of three hundred million years evolution on their side
cared less for stronger gusts
and zoomed past the ersatz drone in style.
The stunning species of bright jarring hues
unpretentious, demure and archangelic
least knew they had inspired the humans
with their sophisticated flight controls!

Nature proves time and again that it does not compete
but inspires, motivates and guides humanity.
Nature’s legacy deserves to be admired, honored and preserved by technology.
Well, science did immortalize these sky hunters
for shaping and designing drone-technology!


A doctorate in English and an educator for decades with a passion for writing. A smooth drift from academic writing to Poetry was possible because Vanaja Malathy considers poetry as her fabric of existence, poems to breathe and as a vent to her emotions. She also loves to paint, sew and do crossword puzzles. 

Her poems have appeared recently in The Nightingale Poetry Journal, The New-England Monthly Poetry digest, The Poet’s Showcase and The Literary Yard.


  1. The poem is just soo beautiful…technology has taken inspiration and wings from nature..
    I absolutely loved this poem and I do love the way you are inspired by every day happenings around you and give it lovely descriptive words, some real and some dreams.
    Congratulations Malathy….you are so blessed in this talent

  2. Very thoughtful presentation. Simply put, has been around us longer than science. ultimate goal of science is to discover the complexity of nature and it’s different patterns

  3. Dragonflies to drones, what a connection you have derived and then you go a step further and link to the legacy element of nature which is the responsibility for each one of us to pass to the next gen!!! Amazing just amazing.

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