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By: Alan Berger

Been a bad day
Like the day before
And the day before that
Let me sit in your living room
With your cat on my lap
Say something funny
You know I love you like that

Play your piano
If you hit a wrong key, I won’t make a fuss
And oh yeah
I’m sorry I never became rich and famous
Say something funny
It’s only the three of us

Dare to dream I did
Got to scream I did
Never got to play that special part
Got stuck in asle three
With an empty shopping cart
Say something funny
And say it from your heart

A smile from you
In the morning to start
Gets me going

Makes my day
To do what I do again and again
When you play, that special part

Say something funny
Everything will be alright
Make my darkness shine bright

Well, it’s never too late
To be a happy early bird
Would you like to live forever with me?
Say something funny
Yes, is the word

Your, our cat, is hungry and thirsty
And so am I, I mean we
Say something funny
As you look at me with those eyes
Say something funny
As we have our Martinis, ice cream, and pie

I love you so much
I love being your guy
Say something funny
While I dry my listening eyes

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