From Silicon Valley Professional to Suspense Novelist: Interview with Linda Gunther

Linda S Gunther, a suspense novelist and children’s books author, tells Literary Yard in an interview about her transition from the HR role in Silicon Valley to being a fiction writer and how her first novel passed through different stages. During the course of the discussion, she also lays out how she started writing suspense accidentally and how it became her favourite genre. But beyond everything, a child is always lit up in her. And the testimony lies in a range of children’s books she has written over these years.

Her passion for writing doesn’t end at writing novels alone, but goes on to exploring short forms of writing – short stories, memoir pieces and poems – for several online literary journals.

Watch the full-length discussion in this interview and learn how her journey as an author and a storyteller is a lesson to imbibe.

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  1. It was indeed an interesting one to listen to Lynda Gunther’s journey through her professional life to writing. It’s very convincing to think that it was easy for making this shift in her life as she felt less obligated and more enthusiastic to play with words to express her experiences. Many successful writers’ secret behind their magical switching to writing is when they are left to themselves.
    Lynda has the knack of portraying the ordinary happenings of life into a gripping fiction and this is because of communicating truth to others.
    She is equally gifted to write for children & the young. Travelling back into life, listening to other people, re-editing our work a number of times… Lynda has given great gift of advice to future generations.
    Thx Mr Onkar for this

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