By: Victor Azubike

Clouds spread like sheets;
Evening rush hour;
Green light;
Speeding cars.

Cover of fading
Green vegetations:
Intimations of the dry season
On the sidewalk
Of a boulevard.

Golden dewdrops
Of ideas
Flowerpots by
A shadowy horticulturist.

Carbon emissions:
Pollution by the left;
Pollination by the right-
An antidote
To the poison
Of environmental degradation.

Far flung homes;
Fences with Inscription
‘B must go’
Written in Red.
Catch lines;
Harlem Dream;
Life mates;
Sahad store;
Asphalt jungle;
And grandiose of a capital city.

Truly anonymous,
Alone with my thoughts
That echo
Loudly and superintends
And drowns the noise.

I inch every yard
Of the boulevard strip
Exercising my liberty,
Until the civil military desk
Says don’t loiter
But I drag my feet and traipse.

Combustion of calories,
Weight loss awareness;
I have longed
Deserted the desserts
Of this desert.

Upended at the crossroad.
Second thoughts; Revisions;
There are no incoming cars
But the surreal peace and silence
Of an empty


Victor Azubike is a Nigerian Writer and Lawyer whose Short Fiction and Poetry have been published by the Literary yard and the Africanwriter.com. He was long-listed for the Online Writing Tips Prize for Short Fiction 2018. He currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

Categories: Poetry

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