Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Alan Berger

The drinks kept flowing
There was no sign of slowing
Should leave now and sleep it off before work
Before I pop yet another cork

After an undertow of oblivion
I decided to watch the dawn
I’ll just stay up all night
And go to work where I belong
Why bother to sleep it off
When I can sleep it on

So much Stark black or bright white
Sometimes it’s nice
To stroll once upon a time in a kinder kind of light

Not go to work at all
Tell them I missed the memo
Won’t be the first time
As I sort of recall


Maybe something in the grey spectrum
Would do a welcome easement on the rectum
A vacation from all the pains in the ass
Grab a seat, this thought is drowning fast

It is either an Oasis
Or a Mirage
There is nothing in between
In my Sun, Moon, And Stars

Must drop a bad habit
Of looking back
Suicidal or hypochondriac
And shallow
A tough act to follow

So I guess
Feast or famine
I will
Keep on the lurk


I’m late for work

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