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Writing poetry to reduce stress: Vanaja Malathy

In the latest edition of AuthorTalks, Vanaja Malathy discusses her creative writing journey at length with us. She talks about her transition from the shoes of a teacher, a lecturer, a professor, and a principal to being a poet. Her journey as a creative writer is a true inspiration, especially for those who, for some reason or another, haven’t been able to write during their professional life but always had a writer within them. And now, they need to start somewhere. Vanaja gives a valid reason why everyone should start writing poetry. She shares a personal story of how poetry helped her get rid of the stress that had intruded into her life after a serious personal loss last year. During the interview, she emphasizes that poetry writing has been really instrumental in reducing her stress and anxiety.

Among other things, Vanaja has been very vocal about many things related to creative writing and literature. Please watch the full interview and share your feedback.



  1. Very engaging interview and maintained the interest to the very end. Loved the links to the everyday normal happenings.

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