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Will AI tool ChatGPT replace writers?

OpenAI developed ChatGPT, a cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) tool, that has sparked a tsunami of concerns amongst professionals from all walks of industries and backgrounds including writers. A variant of the popular GPT-3 language model, the tool is capable of generating human-like responses to text input based on a massive dataset of human conversations.

The ability of ChatGPT to understand and respond to context is one of its key features. Using this information, ChatGPT generates more relevant and coherent responses based on what you have previously said. Hence ChatGPT is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications because it allows for more natural and fluid communication. Writing is one of its key specialties that has taken everyone by surprise. According to a wide range of people using the applications, the tool can write compelling articles and blogs at the click of a button on a variety of topics. So, now the question everyone is asking is:

Will AI tools like ChatGPT replace authors completely?

I’ve tried to answer this question based on my experience with the tool and interactions with experts. Having understood this domain, one thing is certain that the tool poses a grave challenge to run-of-the-mill writers. Watch the video to know my views:



  1. Hi Onkar Sharma
    A right time to initiate the discussion on the controversy of AI ChatGPT. Educators are frantically researching the promises and perils of this issue.One thing is for sure that this program can generate quick responses no doubt, but lacks the ability to truly understand the complexity of human language. It’s responses are shallow in depth and insight.
    Online GPT detectors are there to determine how much of a text is GPT generated.
    As a writer we need to understand the ethical side of our creative writing impacts.

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