Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Leigh-Anne Burley

Birth and death
reset clocks
bells toll on both.

Heady winds thwart
sailors and politicians.

Paying attention is an
essential navigational instrument.

Fog and stumbling
produce clarity.

There is a broader range of truth
in ramblings and doodles.

To get perspective,
tip over a lot.

Accurate compasses make
poor adventure seekers.

Follow the trickle
when seeking the torrent.

Hearing the ocean
in a sconce is
more romantic than
hearing the wind.

Scanning social media
while walking in nature
is counterproductive.

Hoping to be in
the right place
at the right time
is sitting nowhere.

Straining for the impossible
paves the way to learning.

Going home is only good if you like
being there in the first place.

Once you find home
carry it with you like a turtle.

You need to go into the forest to be enchanted
make good use of fairy tale ramps.

There are lost and found departments
make use of them.

Ruptures erupt
people mend.

Lend an ear, not advise
when tempted to do so
lend another ear.

Reverential youth
restrain elder abuse.

Wishing wells are for
the romantic and desperate.

Panning to strike it rich is futile
when life gives you a basketful of goodies.

Don’t disgrace good seeds with
worn soil and stale water.

Waste in garbage cans is
a raccoon’s treasure.

Life is salty so are tears.

Soak in a sauna
not in your troubles.

There is more to burning a bridge
then lighting a match.

Grand plans lend
ears to lame ducks.

Hypocrisy turned inside out
is like a jelly donut without a center.

Jackpot winners
stem sore losers.

Card games aren’t real life
only a representation.

Holding a penny in your hand is better
then an insincere peck on the cheek.

Why use a two-slot toaster
when one will do.

Why push the plow when
a fast train is ready to board.

Racers rest
in the blocks.

Thinking it will never happen
is like saying the sun won’t rise
which is an offense to the sun.

Connecting the dots is overrated
blurred lines are friends in disguise.

Daydreaming is like dessert
it’s always delicious.

When anyone tells you they have the answer
they only have a piece to the puzzle.

Regard some things
disregard a lot of others.

When things don’t go your way
you found your way.

Progress dances backward and forwards.

Don’t fiddle with progress; it knows where it’s going.

Coming and going, wear different hats
but they are the same hats.

Don’t fret about the lack of expertise
homemade meals come with instructions.

The universe has plenty of windowsills
for cooling pies.

Not all endings are beginnings
not all beginnings are endings.

Death and birth reset clocks
bells toll on both.

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