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By Heather Park

Rainy days can be sad and boring for many people. Your mom makes you stay inside because it is freezing, wet, and you might develop a cold. But activities like playing games, finding old household items in the attic, and catching up on schoolwork can help pass the time on your boring rainy day.

Playing games with a friend passes the time quickly because you are able to have fun with people that you like. You can play games like hide and seek. Or play with your friend’s cat. If you aren’t able to visit your friend’s house on a rainy day, you can send them a message and talk to them online. Or you can play games on a gaming app and meet new friends.

Sometimes, rainy days are well spent exploring your own house. Maybe you can find some old baby pictures to hang up in your room to remind yourself how cute you were when you were a baby. In the basement or attic, you can go through old boxes and find old vintage stuff from years ago, like lanterns and music boxes. You might even find information about your family’s history, like the fact that your family used to own a pizza place or that your great great grandfather fought in World War 1. It might be interesting for you.

If you have some unfinished work from school, a rainy day is the perfect time to finish it. Completing a project that you haven’t started, but is due in two days can really lift some extra weight off of your shoulders. Or, if there is a test that you have been stressing about, you can use the time to study or send your teacher an email asking a question you’ve been wondering about all week.

Overall, there are many things to do inside when it rains. Some things, like playing with your friends and exploring old boxes, are funner than others–like catching up on homework or studying, but in essence, they are all the same–and pass the time you might’ve spent counting down the minutes until the downpour ends.

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