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By: Jasna Gugić

Cover me with your beauty
Fill the cracks in my heart
Without you
I’m dried up source
A standing river
I’m the road which
Leads to nowhere
Silent in helplessness
All alone without a splendour
Impersonal views
Staring at yesterday
Blind for tomorrow
So, don’t leave without
Turning your eyes around
Stay close
The night is descending
It’s too black and I fear
The shadows of darkness
Stay with me
Be the fire of life
That shines in me.


I could only write about you
tender and incessantly,

without reason,
without blinking,
No regrets.
Just like my heart
without programs,
without schemes,
no combination.
Because you are,
of course,
and lazy,
but as if i knew everything about you
and you around,
as if it had always belonged to those
I could only write about you
and I touch the stars
with my hands
because you gave me your shine.


Spring is more beautiful
in the backyard of my childhood
under a cherry blossom in bloom.
Fluid and divine white,

adorned with wishes,
dreamed in imagination
this present and untouchable love
who constantly struggles with fear
in the depths of the soul.


Name your science
as my hunch
that leaves a bitter taste
of smile,
lost in days of endless hope.
Stay in silence here in front
of my glowing love.
Name my silence
as infinity with a fear of pain
encased deep on the bottom
of the heart.
Unchain all unchainable for me
and free my dreams
with smiling life as a gift.

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