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‘Unscathed’ and other poems

By: Ramzi Albert Rihani


When the wind blows in directions, North and South
And the earth vibrates like echoes in a chorus

When belief becomes the envy of the skeptic
And doubt takes center stage on the altar of piety

When lovers forget to smell the roses
And continue their march with hope in fewer doses

When music cannot be heard by those who composed it
While the masses chant to the sound of their melodies

When fragile people feel the pain in their bones
Yet they carry the load without nagging or moan

When the gods rush to rescue the people
But feel helpless in the face of a struggling nation

When you face the threat of solid emotions past
And keep searching for your inner soul in a blast

Then you would have gained immunity against the tempests,
The fires, the raging winds, and the turbulent seas
That become your bathing pool to emerge unscathed.


Land on Higher Tier

On the eve of agony, the play gets blurry
Body and soul, the pain is nearer
“Time heals all wounds,” it is said
But in reality, wounds define time instead

For better or worse, the pain persists
Nothing can heal a bleeding heart
Not even a rainbow, moonlight, or the best of art
The day passes slowly but the pain insists

Suddenly the Improbable appears at the door
Enters unexpectedly as if in a roar
Breaks the cycle and the status quo
Preparing for the Waiting for Godot

As the wait seems endless, a new dawn is here
Paving the way for a gasp to come near
A fresh breath, a new horizon, and a new frontier
Approach a land on higher tier

The landscape has changed and everything is in full bloom
As if a mirage of a garden appears on the desert’s moon
But this time, the illusion is a reality
That will draw the roadmap to eternity

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