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By: Chen Ruizhe

Standing on the yellow earth and looking at the traces of ancestors
Think back to the cultivator who was and is now
If there’s a big movie by one person
Almost call it a rich farmer

Read the books and paintings of foreign literary magnates
Simple cheeks like those of a northern peasant
But it’s different.
Because it’s easy for them to own a lot of land
To farm and harvest alone
Also warmly welcome the guests from far away
Stay with fruit wine

But he was born in East Asia.
Chinese farmers reunite in villages surrounded by loess
We are all hosts or perhaps guests in our dealings
Enthusiasm is also the wish of world unification

How to explain the rich peasants
Of course
To own a large tract of land
Harvest enough to provide for an unexpected food disaster
To keep a stout stock
Enough for others to borrow for farming
Store a house of farmers’ help
Enough to borrow for others

Everything comes to everything
All the rich peasants will leave behind is enthusiasm


Chen Ruizhe, 15 years old, is a member of the Council of Young Writers and Writers. His works are widely published in Chinese Writers, Chinese Poetry Network, Poetry and Ci Yun, and Chinese Village. Chinese and Foreign Poets, Southwestern Red Bean Literature, Jiangzhou Literature.

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