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‘Life is So Stupid’ and other poems

By: Puneet Kumar

Life is So Stupid

Life is so stupid
It can walk on a road
That doesn’t go
Towards the real goal

It doesn’t know
How roads intersect
How one leads to another
And how life goes haywire

It moves in a new direction
Unknown and on a strange road
Move across the unfamiliar situations
Sometime without any ray of hopes

It holds no ideas
What next can happen?
Where might it reach?
Where it can find a blockhead

It walks sometime uselessly
Just for some bad experiences
That brings some important lessons
That changes the whole purpose of life

But life is so stupid
It continues moving like this
On unknown unfamiliar roads
As if it is meant to travel in such a way


Being Human Is Not Easy

Being human is not easy
It is a subject of threat
With infinite possibilities
Of getting deeply hurt

No one is sure
How where and from whom
Heart may get hurt
And it may bleed to death

Bad and tormenting experiences
Spares no one and deceives all
But living with such risks
Never easy for anyone to continue

It is never easy to love
Feel loved and connected
Sometimes it can only be an illusion
Not the entire reality in experience

Everything is temporary
Things move fast
But it is hard to accept
When pain is unbearable

Time sometimes doesn’t move
It seems stopped and frozen
It has no intention to change
As it just wants to witness all

Such moments are impolite
It tests human forbearance
Courage and endeavors
It tells that being human is not easy


Learn To Smile On Mistakes

When we begin
The journey of life
We all are beginners
Open to mistakes

Our ideas are vague
Thoughts are unclear
We talk over possibilities
Open to opportunities

We learn everything
By giving time to practice
We carry no notions
Open to our enthusiasm

Life was beautiful
Relationships were there
Mistakes were silly things
There was nothing like blunders

But with time things have changed
We have learnt our lessons
We have given our time
We have gained maturity

We have become serious
We are no more an enthusiast
We have started counting mistakes
Life is a serious business

In this new set up
We are soon veer off
Lonelier and morose
Complaining and exhausted

Don’t end up like this
Life is an energy
Feel it within completely
And learn to smile on mistakes


Thoughts Are Sweet Poetry of Mind

Thoughts are sweet poetry of mind
It gives its normal functioning
It keeps our head busy

Positive thoughts are creative force
It is soothing, pleasing and healing
It makes life beautiful

Beneath every positive thoughts
There is a pool of negatives
A long battle within

Keeping it positive
Sometimes become challenge
But it worth all efforts

Life is a poetry of sorrow and pain
Pleasure and the tearful joy
Between the roses and its thorns

All grows in the mind
All lives in your thoughts
Help yourself to nurture the good ones

Your actual life is in your thoughts
How beautifully you think
Creates your world

Smile and pass this to everyone
No matter who sees and welcomes it
But you will feel happy and a liberated one


In The Journey of Life

Walking alone
On roads of time
No idea where it may reach

Unstoppable time
Always moving
Same like these roads

Fear comes naturally
Doubts follow all along
Heaviness rest on shoulders

Hard to continue
Hard to stop
Hard to decide

On a crossroad
Standing alone
Waiting undecidedly

Who can say
The right road
The perfect plan

Experiences till now
Too inhuman
Too hard to believe

Life is not easy
Still living
Still continue to walk

Life is a journey
Unexpected twists always come
And life seems worth living

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