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By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

Glory Hound

Seeking praise, acclaim, renown oft results in purulent rhetoric.
Such bosh, itself, forms quods from words, elsewise vituperates

Violent language is its own ague, is societal poison, is the shiny
Apple gifted the princess. It creates unnatural silence that moth-
Balls truth.

Rather than liaise amid melliferous folks, we’re better advised to
Reject argots that hamper any poorly tamed configurations, that
Wink sideways.

While the actualization of broadmindedness & understanding stays
Desirable, we continue to judge people’s social achievement, their
“Purported” good.


Hydroponically Grown

Those drupes had been grown hydroponically.
The crackers, probably, were mass-produced
In a convict-run, government culinary printer.
When we rework all perception of semantics,
We’re raised beyond discounting extraneous
Experiences, toward sanitariums replete with
Visitors’ lounges.

After all, communication ethics demands
Perspective that leads to neither linguistic
Entropy nor the stifling of simultaneously
Expressing abstract, isolated sensibilities.
Consequently, we must glimpse between
Deliberative, forensic, epidictic discourse,
Classify claims as norms.

These days, “common parents” of sundry
Communities speak metaphysically, even
Polemically, against “nonsense” including
Organic progress, “brave” moral attitudes,
Paradox-based invention, as well as truths.
Ultimately, acknowledged rights & duties
Spin down neighborhood drains.


Objective Wisdom and Subjective Words

There’s a degree to which word assemblages have inter-reliant vitality.
Yet, most folks dismiss rhetorical accountability as a priority, identify
Language as possessed by authorities, regard as grimly ineffable every
Attempt to challenge the power of more socially endowed individuals.

Still, communication’s an interdependent system; meaning’s negotiated
Through time and space, not just social rank. Etiquette fails to suppress
All challengers to the throne—it remains possible to become a parvenu,
To replace status quo norms via “enlightened” sequences of endeavors.

Ends for acting can fall from “alternative epistemologies.” Discourse can
Disregard autonomous determinations of linguistic effects. Attitudes can
Be misconstrued as concepts, held as truths, as immutable rule-governed
Goings-on, can remain mystical as rainbows, unicorns, benevolent rulers.

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