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By: Chen Ruizhe

The withered black climbed all the way up the trunk
Only the outstretched branches compete with the wind
Pull out the green leaves
The wind shakes and shakes outward thoughts
Not in harmony with desiccation

Maybe that’s the case
That land is filled with people who rise and fall
They have different wills and different ideas
The branches that grow are often divided
Each attends to his own growth
Some split their families and some turned against the party
Some are breathing down the people

They were born in different times
With a different mind
Everyone’s heart has its own place
Some have changed their wrongs
Some changed their way of life
Some still hold on to continue to develop

Maybe someone can read it
There are also people who take it for granted
Some village branches straight together long
Unity points upward
Someone will see their will

Made a revolution, followed the Zheng Party
Seek knowledge in the Qiu branch
Take the high road

The crooked branch will eventually be cut


Chen Ruizhe, 15 years old, is a member of the Council of Young Writers and Writers. His works are widely published in Chinese Writers, Chinese Poetry Network, Poetry and Ci Yun, and Chinese Village. Chinese and Foreign Poets, Southwestern Red Bean Literature, Jiangzhou Literature.

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