Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Domonique

I –

gazing into the moon
waiting for speech

the floorboards creak
within & beneath

Love & Lust
( & pixie dust )

fogs the lone window as
the hounds run wild.

from the shadows
masked men observe unseen

hidden from the light
smiles hide intentions

& the room ponders . . .

stillness gains motion


eyes dance , lips lie
souls live , hearts die.

II –

Two lovers twirl & spin
beneath dimmed lights
orchestrated by several guileful hands

Blinded by love once lost
the pair dance
to the tune of the other

Plots & schemes summon death
but she is only heard in whispers
by those watching

& with rue those watching
see the light leave the room unscathed
as the door closes gently behind them.


owned by the world under
the chained bleed from wounds
unhealed & never healing

awoken predators lurk
& their silhouettes
reach in to the souls of their prey

seen & unseen favors sustain
a society of transactions & deceit
while all still-breathing sink further.

IV –

The watchman stands at his post
Looking but never touching
The rule of thumb in the gloom
Of peccadillo ?

A question with no answer
A tunnel with no path
The vendetta held by
The moon & the sun
The night & the day
The darkness & the glimpses
Of light . . .

V –

Character less characters
spread their funk
like escaping rats
or flooding drains


never resting

wide-eyed they see into
the night like hungry owls

desperation feeds desire
as desire feeds desperation

a scrap of food

even spat on

will be eaten . .

. . . morning haze clears
the mountains
as meeting lips depart
making way for new life
and new death whom
claw and scratch to dance .

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