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By: Ebisike Chinedum

Tender shrubs thicken as the rain contends with the earth for space. The shimmers of the stars remain like twinkles until dawn, paving way for the stubborn sun before the wind announces the advent of a storm in the eve.

He left in a hurry, through the undulating plains of the west-a few miles away from where he first cried as a baby in the woods. His father was his companion until the day he left the countryside. He told him he was coming back.

The only way he knows is that of a solemn sojourner. A morsel of bread in the day, and a plate of porridge before sleeping outside in the cold at night. His life is a story.

Time is unending. Strange birds fly before sunrise. Some places are anomalous, where the lights never die. He hears the silent words of the woods, the same words his mother heard a decade ago before she died.

The blue sky leads him through the rumblings of the earth but not through his past. The road that led him here is murky. He lives daily as a man whose path is unknown except for his sole purpose and wish- to see his old man again.

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