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‘Kiss Me Like a Secret Fire’ and other poems

By: Puneet Kumar

Kiss Me Like a Secret Fire

Tonight just don’t leave me
Let me go wild
Let me go uncontrolled
And breathe me into your ear

I know it is not easy for you
To control and hold me tight
But tonight I definitely want more
And you need to witness me

I can’t tell you quite clearly all
And please don’t ask
What I am feeling
As what you are doing to me

Let everything be conveyed in silence
And just continue to watch me for tonight
I am a wildfire and you can burn me
And be consumed by me

I want you to witness me
And feel me all deep within you
Let me moan heavily
And feel you madly tonight

All I want to kiss me at the end
And snuggle with me tight
When I found no desire deep within me
Then kiss me again and again like my secret fire


Close your Eyes

Close your eyes
And feel me
Let me do
All for you tonight

Let me be your sex diva
A goddess of love
Who paves you
Into a trance

Tonight let me be your
Wildest dream
That moves you to heaven
To feel the carnal love

Feel the new ride
Be in the journey of pleasure
Where I am with you
As you guide

Let me tonight ride you
Like my horse
And control you strongly
By your reins

Let me smack you hard
On your back
To make you run faster
To enjoy the full speed

There is no fun in lying alone
Let me tonight drive you
Into a new world
To feel me completely


Tonight, It Is Very Cold

Tonight, it is very cold
Don’t think to step out
Just remain in bed
Under the thick blanket

This is not a time to roam
Just fold your arms and legs
Stay all the time in bed
And allow me to do all for you

Let me spread my arms over you
Let my fire warm you
Let my breaths air you
Let my legs lie open for you

Let us have a time to be one
Let us feel the heat our bodies need
Let us mix as one heat in two bodies
That can’t be separated

Let our fire catch us
Let it burn us completely
Let its flame go higher
And we experience our fine heat

Let us just feel tonight
The closeness we always wanted
Let everything go automatically
And we experience the pleasure of love


Before Hitting the Bed

Before hitting the bed
We must shower together
Let this simple thing
Be a ritual in our everyday life

We both will hit the bed clean
After a spicy time together
After doing our creative part
Then we will rest long in bed

It can be fun to sleep relaxed
After the throes of our passion
After our tiny crazy things
After our fine connections

Indeed, everything will sit well
We will feel more intimate
Converse more naturally
We must not delay

Let us try this tonight
Let us taste the sweetness
And experience
How it all goes between us


Let Us Have a Shower Together

Let us have a shower together
There is nothing special
But I want to do it
As it will create a special moment

Just you and me
Under a shower
Feeling the running water
All over our bodies

It will feel so good
To feel you
Your wet body
Against mine

I will definitely
Feel to taste
Your skin
And kiss you at everywhere

Your body
In my hands
For my lips
All to explore

I think it will be amazing
To taste your wet lips
All against mine
In sensuous ways

I will gently scrub
Your soft skin
Back and front
Up and down

Skimming you
Just to make your
Nerves sing aloud

Definitely! You will like
Everything I will do
You will feel pleased
And allow me to do every time we bathe

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